is a font based on Mandaic manuscripts' handwriting.
I might have inherited the passion for reed pens, papyrus, and special self-made ink from my ancestors, who were experienced writers. Who wrote the letters and tried to reproduce them uniquely and charmingly.
'Ardwan Manuscript' is a font showing a handmade concept with simplicity and modernness without being monotonous. The balance between the ascenders and descenders results in a fun, readable, and smooth script and strengthens its legibility.
With its clarity, it leaves room for emotional interpretation without appearing intrusive. 
While working on such an awesome font, I discovered remarkable forgotten rules to add to my Mandaic script grammar project.
Poster translation:
The one whose heart is awakened
and whose mind is enlightened,
shined greater than the sun and the moon.
He shined greater than the sun and the moon,
and set the name and the scent on Earth.
Poster text in Mandaic:
ࡅࡃࡋࡉࡁࡇ ࡌࡀࡉࡀࡓࡋࡇ
ࡅࡏࡅࡑࡓࡇ ࡌࡀࡍࡄࡀࡓ
ࡌࡍ ࡔࡀࡌࡉࡔ ࡅࡎࡉࡓࡀ ࡍࡄࡀࡓ
ࡍࡄࡀࡓ ࡌࡍ ࡔࡀࡌࡉࡔ ࡅࡎࡉࡓࡀ
ࡅࡔࡅࡌࡀ ࡅࡓࡉࡄࡀ ࡁࡕࡉࡁࡉࡋ ࡓࡀࡌࡉࡀ
Poster transliteration in Hebrew:
ודליבח מאיארלח
ועוצרח מאנהאר
מן שאמיש וסירא נהאר
נהאר מן שאמיש וסירא
ושומא וריהא בתיביל ראמיא
Poster transliteration in Syriac:
ܕܠܝܒܚ ܡܐܝܐܪܠܚ
ܘܥܘܨܪܚ ܡܐܢܗܐܪ
ܡܢ ܫܐܡܝܫ ܘܣܝܪܐ ܢܗܐܪ
ܢܗܐܪ ܡܢ ܫܐܡܝܫ ܘܣܝܪܐ
ܘܫܘܡܐ ܘܪܝܗܐ ܒܬܝܒܝܠ ܪܐܡܝܐ