is a font based on mandaic manuscripts handwriting.
The passion of reed pens, papyrus and special selfmade ink, I might have inherited from my ancestors, who were experienced writers. Who not only wrote the letters but tried to reproduce them in a special and charming way.
'Ardwan Manuscript' is a font, which shows a handmade concept with its simplicity and modernness without being monotonous. The balance between the ascenders and descenders,  result a fun, readable and smooth script but also strengthen the legibility of it.
With its clarity, it leavs room for emotional interpretation without appearing obtrusive. 
While working on such an incredible font, I discovered remarkable forgotten rules to add to my mandaic script grammer project.
"I am Ardwan AlSabti, a type designer. This is my pen, I made it out of reed. I brought precious paper and wrote. And the ink flow out in beautiful Mandaic letters".