ࡂࡉࡍࡆࡀ ࡖ ࡄࡉࡉࡀ
The Treasure of Life
The holy book of the Mandaeans
Copied and edited by Rabi Rafid Al-Sabti. Ardwan Al-Sabti constructed the book design and typeface.
An authorized edition with authentic
designs and high-quality production
AUTHORIZED EDITION. Diligently compared and revised based on 22 authentic manuscripts by the editor Rabi Rafid Al-Sabti. This edition is fully categorized with two tables of contents and divided as mentioned above.
DESIGNED FOR EFFICIENCY. Ardwan Al-Sabti has completed a comprehensive academic study to extract the sacred geometry and the hidden philosophy of Mandaic iconography. He developed an efficient layout with luxury decorations for this special golden edition.
CUSTOM FONT DESIGN. Ardwan Al-Sabti has used the best-preserved manuscripts and most advanced programming to preserve the sacred rules of the Mandaean script grammar to design the font that fits the holiness of this holly book.

title    The Treasure of Life
subtitle    The holy book of the Mandaeans
MANDAIC title    ࡂࡉࡍࡆࡀ ࡖ ࡄࡉࡉࡀ
MANDAIC subtitle    ࡊࡕࡀࡁࡀ ࡒࡀࡃࡉࡔࡀ ࡖ ࡌࡀࡍࡃࡀࡉࡉࡀ

edited by    Rabi Rafid Al-Sabti
language    Mandaic, with an English preface

Designed by.   Ardwan Al-Sabti

Edition    First Edition, 2022
Limited to.   250 numbered copies

ISBN    978-9090360058
RRC Archive    RRC 6R

Cover Type    Hardcover
Book DECORATION    Gilded edges

Paper    130 Gram
ENDPaper    170 Gram
Printed in    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Print technology    UV Printing

TYPOGRAPHY by    Ardwan Al-Sabti
MANDAIC Font    Ardwan RRC

Pages    608
Dimensions    360mm x 255mm x42mm
Weight.   4132 Gram
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