is a design work awarded a central place in the Mandaean house of the Netherlands.
The explanation of this wall design is as follows:

" Our Water
We are Mandaeans. We are Dutch people who believe in the existence of a creator and the Light Worlds. We respect life. We sanctify the water. 
The water flows down from the light worlds. Guided by the angels Shilmai and Nidbai to our earth .. to the mountains of Europe. From the mountains flows the Rijn, the Maas, and the Schelde to the Netherlands, to fill our baptism pool. We baptize ourselves in this water for a higher purpose:
We ask for peace and humanity in this world. We pray for the Netherlands to bloom in prosperity. We wish for the Mandaeism to live in eternity.
 The Life is victorious, and blessed will be the person who gets baptized in our water."