is an old post office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and one of the few buildings that survived the Second World War.

Beacause of the emptiness of this building the last years, the city authority decided to transform the post office into a „pop office“ (music stage).
My idea was to preserve the atmosphere of the monumental building, by thoroughly studying the architectue. The long process led me to conclude, that the feeling of the building is rich of statues and ornamentations. All those symbolic details were chosen very prisicely to tell the story of the post office. However, a new parallel research had to be done in order to understand the symbols and to design a brand identity for this concept.

To combine the present ornaments of the building with music a new rythm system had to be constucted. This system is built up with a loop of ornaments that works like music with a difference in measure and in repetition. It is true that the differences in consistency determines the kind of music. Just like a march, which consists of two beats, a waltz of three and pop or jazz music usually of four beats. After the amount of counting, there is often a musical accent.

Such a counting system is also hidden in the poster designs and will make the necessary difference in the music styles of the  artists.
These choices have led to a robust letter design, that furnish the identity, which has been developed for this project. Combined with the bright choice of colour and its application, the forms create a modern musical atmosphere in which the pop stage is exhibited.