is a book about the Mandaean diaspora and the many genocides they have faced throughout their history. About living, and succeeding in surviving in our modern times.

The cover is focused on the times, that they have spent in the beautiful nature of the Marshes in south Iraq and the sacrifices that they had to make for being the original inhabitants of this land. This book cover is designed in the ancient Mandaic illustrative style, which is based on the minimal graphics and miniatures full of patterns in the Mandaean manuscripts.

Graphic Designer Ardwan Alsabti responded without hesitation to my request to design a cover for my book: ”The Mandaeans: Secret of survival and life is victorious”. Once Ardwan absorbed the design idea, which represents the suffering of the Mandaeans, the harshness of life, and persecution towards them from marsh Arab tribal leaders and their followers.
Ardwan has illustrated the context using classic Mandaean style imagery, he produced beautiful work, faithfully rendered expression, clear to the reader.
With his unique specialism and understanding of the Mandaic illustrative style, brought Ardwan with this cover design, our artistic heritage in a modern way back into life.
As the author of this book I am deeply appreciative of and respect Ardwan, I wish him well in the progression of his artistic career and great happiness in life.