Ancient Script Revival Typeface
Reviving Cultural Scripts for Modern Communication
The "Ardwan Script" font is meticulously crafted and presents the critical edition of the Mandaean Book of John, thoughtfully blending tradition and innovation. This font is not just a set of characters but a visual homage to the ancient Mandaic script, bringing contemporary vibrancy while maintaining historical authenticity.
Previously known as "Ardwan Lidzbarski," this font is a testament to the enduring wisdom embedded in Mandaean heritage. Each character has been carefully crafted, skillfully merging clarity, legibility, and aesthetics. The expert integration of ligatures and contextual alternates ensures a seamless reading experience and imparts a distinctive charm to the Mandaean script.
More than just a typographic creation, "Ardwan Script" serves as a cultural bridge, connecting modern readers with the profound legacy of the Mandaean Book of John. It has been exclusively crafted for this sacred text and is pivotal in preserving Mandaean literary heritage. In the spirit of cultural resilience, "Ardwan Script" seeks to ensure that the Mandaean literary tradition remains accessible for generations.
Review - Prof. Charles G. Häberl:
For the Mandaic-language text of our new translation and commentary on the Mandaean Book of John, James McGrath and I made use of "Ardwan Lidzbarski," a typeface which Ardwan Alsabti based upon Mark Lidzbarski's own Mandaic hand in his own pioneering translation and edition of this text. While it may seem scarcely credible that Ardwan could improve upon someone's own handwriting, I am convinced that in every respect----clarity, legibility, fidelity to the script, and sheer aesthetics---Alsabti's work is superior to the original and has dramatically increased the value of our edition for readers. From a technical perspective, it is also a model typeface, in that it flawlessly musters an impressive array of ligatures and contextual alternates to deliver a clean text that is a delight to read and will satisfy even the most exigent of script purists.

title    The Mandaean book of John
subtitle    Critical edition, translation, and commentary
MANDAIC title    ࡃࡓࡀࡔࡀ ࡖ ࡉࡀࡄࡉࡀ

Edited by    Charles G. Häberl and James F. McGrath
language    Mandaic / English

Edition    First Edition, 2020

ISBN    978-3110486513
E-ISBN (PDF)   978-3110487862​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
publisher    De Gruyter
DATE OF PUBLICATION    18 November 2019 (© 2020)

Cover Type    Hardcover

Paper    80 Gram

Printed in    Berlin, Germany / Boston, USA

Mandaic Book font by    Ardwan Al-Sabti
Mandaic FONT    Ardwan Script [Lidzbarski]

Pages    467
Dimensions    284mm x 215mm x32mm
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