Welcome to Explore, where design is a skill and a language that speaks volumes. I am Ardwan Al-Sabti, a Graphic/Type Designer and Researcher of Mandaic Script based in the Netherlands. I am continually committed to refining my craft, graduating from the AKV St. Joost Academy in 2015. My design portfolio includes unique records, each reflecting my versatile skill set, transforming every detail into exceptional designs, whether a small element or a complete bookwork.
Apart from design, I am dedicated to preserving and modernizing the Mandaic script. I have contributed significantly to fixing the Mandaic Unicode block's bugs and collaborated with esteemed institutions to showcase the script's potential. My ongoing research project, "The Mandaic Script Grammar," has yielded numerous Mandaic fonts, a tangible expression of my passion.
I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Apple on my research project. As a result of our collaboration, the Mandaic script was integrated into macOS 14 and iOS 17, making it accessible on their keyboards. 
Fueled by a love for challenges and research, I excel in projects with cultural or historical contexts. Constantly seeking the best visual language, I develop styles grounded in historical and artistic research, transcending the boundaries of design to inspire others to surpass perceived limits.
Choosing me as your designer means opting for a visionary deeply engaged in pushing the boundaries of design research. By focusing on cultural and historical depth, I bring a unique perspective to each project, ensuring a visually compelling narrative that sets you apart. Let's embrace the power of design, and together, we can create a visual masterpiece that tells your brand's extraordinary story.