City Stage Transformation
Harmonizing History and Music in Urban Renewal
The POP-Podium Rotterdam Transformation project, which revitalized the Old Post Office building in Rotterdam, is a testament to the significant urban transformation that has taken place. The building had been damaged by the ravages of the Second World War and had been silent for a long time, but the city of Rotterdam envisioned a dynamic shift - a "pop office" that would serve as a music stage. The aim was to infuse the building's essence with a contemporary twist.
The project's visual identity was created by meticulously studying the visible status, mosaics, and ornaments inside and outside the building. The intricate decorations and ornaments, each with its secret language, were studied carefully to weave modern tales atop the building's historical foundation. A chic brand style was introduced, seamlessly blending the historical charm of the Old Post Office with the vibrant pulse of the contemporary music scene.
A distinctive logo, accompanied by the uniquely crafted Ardwan PK font, stickers, ornaments, posters, and program brochures, was created using the visual treasures discovered within the building. The designs gained uniqueness by synchronizing the old decorations with the rhythmic musical beats. A system assigned a beat to each decoration loop, mirroring the diverse grooves in various music genres. This system seamlessly translated into the posters and influenced the musical styles of the featured artists.
The result was a striking amalgamation of vivid letters, vibrant hues, and modern design echoing the lively spirit of today's music scene. Upon entering the venue, visitors are immersed in a palpable sense of history and dance to the beats of the present day. The project's designs effectively transformed a once-quiet post office into a dynamic pop stage, creating an engaging visual journey where history seamlessly converges with the groove of contemporary music.