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"The Treasure of Life" is the most sacred text in the Mandaean religion, which Rabi Rafid Al-Sabti has meticulously edited. This latest edition of the book has undergone a transformative journey in its design, ushering in a new era of visual richness and authenticity.
The book cover is a visual symphony of design that exudes a timeless elegance, featuring gilded edges that hint at the treasures within. The custom typography is a hallmark of this edition that breathes life into the Mandaic script. Set in Ardwan Reed [RRC], a font that preserves Mandaean script grammar's sacred rules, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.
The page anatomy has been carefully orchestrated to ensure an efficient layout that befits the sacred content. The 608 pages unfold with a harmonious rhythm, allowing readers to navigate the profound teachings with ease. Inspired by the holy illustration style, Mandaic miniatures adorn the pages with intricate beauty. Each miniature is a visual ode to the hidden philosophy of Mandaic iconography, adding layers of meaning to the sacred text.
The visible structure of the book is a testament to its complex design. Side notes, chapter names, catchwords, and line numbers seamlessly integrate, enhancing the reader's engagement and understanding. This monumental work, traditionally handwritten, has embraced digital possibilities in an unprecedented move. The book's design has undergone numerous digital challenges to ensure the authentic Mandaic style permeates every aspect of the design, preserving the book's sanctity in the digital age.
The focus on design aspects highlights the book's significance. This authorized edition, painstakingly compared and revised based on 22 authentic manuscripts, is a visual testament to the enduring wisdom encapsulated in "The Treasure of Life." It is not just a book but a masterpiece of proper text and authentic design, a bridge between ancient traditions and contemporary aesthetics.
This edition is authorised and features authentic designs,
along with high-quality production.
The layout of this book's pages follows the original Mandaean manuscript format.
Review - Rabi Rafid Al-Sabti:
Motivated by a deep reverence for the immense value of the Holy book, I strived to present it in a modern form that honours its significance. Pursuing excellence led me to explore the latest printing technologies, ultimately choosing UV printing as the most suitable method. This decision took me to Amsterdam, where I collaborated with a cutting-edge printing press equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the book's production with the highest possible quality.
A pivotal aspect of this project was the academic exploration undertaken by Ardwan Al-Sabti. Ardwan is an expert in Mandaic typography and Mandaic miniature art. He meticulously studied the Mandaic script's intricate rules and Mandaean drawings' philosophical essence. Applying these insights precisely, Ardwan crafted an attractive layout with high-quality artwork, contributing significantly to the book's design.
I am grateful for Ardwan's dedication and specialization in Mandaic typography and miniature art. His contribution has profoundly enhanced the overall presentation of our sacred work. Our collaboration is a testament to our commitment to preserving Mandaean heritage through meticulous design and typography in "Ginza d Haii."

title    The Treasure of Life
subtitle    The holy book of the Mandaeans
MANDAIC title    ࡂࡉࡍࡆࡀ ࡖ ࡄࡉࡉࡀ
MANDAIC subtitle    ࡊࡕࡀࡁࡀ ࡒࡀࡃࡉࡔࡀ ࡖ ࡌࡀࡍࡃࡀࡉࡉࡀ

edited by    Rabi Rafid Al-Sabti
language    Mandaic, with an English preface

Designed by.   Ardwan Al-Sabti

Edition    First Edition, 2022
Limited to.   250 numbered copies

ISBN    978-9090360058
RRC Archive    RRC 6R

Cover Type    Hardcover
Book DECORATION    Gilded edges

Paper    130 Gram
ENDPaper    170 Gram
Printed in    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Print technology    UV Printing

TYPOGRAPHY by    Ardwan Al-Sabti
MANDAIC Font    Ardwan Reed [RRC]

Pages    608
Dimensions    360mm x 255mm x42mm
Weight.   4132 Gram
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