Miniature Cover Design
Chronicles of Resilience and Victory
"The Mandaeans: Secret of Survival and Life is Victorious," a book by Majid Fandi Al-Mubaraki, is a profound narrative of the Mandaean diaspora. It unveils the trials and tribulations of the Mandaean community, a testament to their enduring spirit amidst historical challenges. The cover of this book is a stunning depiction of the book's central theme - the Mandaeans' remarkable ability to persevere and survive, even in the face of unimaginable hardships.
The cover design features a Mandaean individual in the beautiful marshes of Iraq, also known as the Venice of the East, being persecuted by Marsh Arabs for religious reasons. This powerful imagery captures the essence of the Mandaeans' historical journey with a contemporary aesthetic. The choice was to intertwine the Mandaeans' historical journey with a modern visual language, creating a powerful and dynamic visual representation of their story.
This book was not just about visual appeal; it aimed to embody the cultural significance of the Mandaeans, bringing their historical narrative to life in a modern context. With meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of the Mandaean illustrative style, the cover infuses a massive amount of vibrancy and energy into the book, ensuring that the Mandaeans' story is vividly told and visually celebrated.
The cover design is a representation of the central theme of the book. It encapsulates the essence of the Mandaeans' strength and their unwavering spirit in the face of adversity. The Mandaeans have faced numerous persecutions throughout history but have always emerged victorious, proving that their resilience and determination are second to none. The cover is a testament to the Mandaeans' story of triumph over unimaginable hardships and their ability to stay alive against all odds.
Review - Mr. Majid Al-Mubaraki: 
Graphic Designer Ardwan Alsabti responded without hesitation to my request to design a cover for my book:" The Mandaeans: Secret of Survival and Life is Victorious". Once Ardwan absorbed the book idea, representing the Mandaeans' suffering, the harshness of life, and persecution towards them from marsh Arab tribal leaders and their followers.
Ardwan has illustrated the context using classic Mandaean style imagery; he produced beautiful work and faithfully rendered expression clear to the reader.
His unique specialism and understanding of the Mandaic illustrative style brought our artistic heritage back to life in a modern way.
As this book's author, I sincerely appreciate and respect Ardwan. I wish him great happiness in the progression of his artistic career.​​​​​​​

title    The Mandaeans
subtitle    Secret of survival and life is victorious
MANDAIC title    المندائيون
MANDAIC subtitle    سر البقاء والحياة منتصرة

Written by    Majid Fandi Al-Mubaraki
language    Arabic

Edition    First Edition, 2018

ISBN    978-1876888121
DATE OF PUBLICATION    19 April 2018

Cover Type    Softcover

Paper    80 Gram

Printed in    Sydney, Australia

Book Cover by    Ardwan Al-Sabti

Pages    367
Plates    23 Illustrations, maps and portraits
Dimensions    230mm x 155mm x22mm
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