Multi-Script Postcards
A Visual Ode of Middle Eastern Typography

The Resilient Scripts project is more than just a captivating collection of postcards celebrating the cultural significance of scripts such as Hebrew, Syriac, Mandaic, Avestan, Yezidi, and Arabic. It is also a tribute to the International Mother Language Day, observed on February 21st every year. This day is celebrated to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and to encourage multilingualism. The Resilient Scripts project is a fitting tribute to this day as it showcases the unique beauty of each script and celebrates the cultural richness it represents.
These postcards pay homage to the written word and the diverse cultures that have nurtured these scripts over centuries. The project is a visual ode to the beauty of the written word and the richness of each culture. Hebrew, for instance, communicates messages of peace through its straightforward typography, while Syriac script serves as a canvas where design meets timeless wisdom. Mandaic script exudes elegance and meticulous research, and Avestan script embodies the ethos of "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds." With its poetic forms and emotional resonance, Arabic script expresses love and bridges cultural divides, while Yezidi script resonates with integrity and preserves the stories of a resilient culture.
Each script is given equal importance in this project, and the postcards are designed to celebrate the beauty of the written word while visually exploring the richness of each culture. The Resilient Scripts project is a testament to the power of language and the importance of preserving and promoting linguistic diversity. By showcasing the intricate details and beauty of each script, the project encourages people to appreciate and celebrate the richness of their language and culture and those of others.