Knowledge Symposium Brochure
A Visual Exploration
The brochure for the Mandaean Knowledge Day Symposium is a stunning example of how, in our modern time, tradition and modernity can seamlessly be integrated into the design. The materials that have been carefully curated take attendees through enlightening sessions while also reflecting the collaborative and innovative spirit of the event. The symposium's logo, designed with precision, serves as a visual anchor for the event, weaving together symbolic elements that embody the collaborative nature of the project. The program and speaker information are presented in a contemporary visual language, blending modern design principles with the timeless aesthetics of Mandaic script. The brochure also highlights the authorized edition of the Mandaean holy book, The Treasure of Life, underscoring the symposium's commitment to preserving Mandaean knowledge and cultural heritage. The brochure showcases the successful integration of design principles and cultural values.